NetShieldX Enterprise

NetShieldX, our Cellular Configuration Management, Network Audit and Troubleshooting tool. NetShieldX is our enterprise solution, containing the necessary tools that every Operator requires, in order to reduce its CAPEX/OPEX.


NetShieldX contains three solutions:


Perfect for roll outs or daily BSS Management, you will need just seconds to perform:

  • Re-parenting (Cutover)/Re-Homing of one or many RBSs simultaneously,

  • Swap NodeBs from one technology to another one, with our all new NetSwapper, supporting most 3G vendors,

  • Re-configure your RBS,

  • Create new RBSs,

  • Recover your UTRAN from a disaster at RBS level that requires a roll back.


All XML files are produced and stored for use, different transport network solutions are supported. All files generated in a matter of minutes. All outputs tested.

Ask us about vendors supported, if your vendor is not supported we will make it happen in a short period, thus, you can start a trial in a short time and start increasing your performance by at least ten folds in the OM data fill daily routines.

No more excel scripts and hard to follow changes. No more errors to correct after implementation.

Last but not least, all activities are recorded in the database, so roll back can be performed and performance of the changes is followed by the enterprise solution for 7 days.


A Network Guardian, you will have a daily automatic audit in your Network and moreover you will have your network at hand always, we have included in this tool:

  • Parameter Viewer

  • Network Browser

  • Network Audit Console

  • Configuration Comparison

  • Capacity Management

  • Transmission Audit


A daily expenses savior, NetGuardX is a guardian of your network performance via scheduled audits of your network on a daily basis, additionally we have built a powerful comparison module which allows technical personnel to compare any two dates stored in the database in a friendly manner.

We have built in this solution as well a parameter viewer and a network browser so you will not have to use the OSS from your vendor often, freeing resources from the OM OSS and improving your efficiency with a quick toll response.

The network audits never were easier, you can built your own parameter sets at will, define your filters and even create exception scenarios for those lab sites.

Last but not least we have created a Consistency Check builder for you, thus, you do not need to know SQL, we created a step by step wizard so any technical person can perform the checks in a friendly way.


Troubleshooting and following performance of changes performed in the network authorized or not never was so easy, nor it was to do bulk changes and detailed change requests to OM personnel, NetOptimiX comes with:

  • Troubleshooting (counters viewer, KPIs, performance follow up)

  • Neighbor Batch (create your neighbors scripts with consistency checks built in)

  • Change Management with performance follow up


It contains the troubleshooting module, a change request manager with performance follow up and a neighbor optimization assistant.

NetOptimiX is not a performance management tool, it was created as a troubleshooting tool for RF, TN and OM engineers that on their daily routine face the challenge of finding root causes and requires close follow up and quick response for new requirements as KPIs.

Our Promise:

NetShieldX is a guarantee daily OPEX/CAPEX reduction for your organization.

If you are interested, contact us and we will arrange you a trial without compromises.