NetShieldX Enterprise

NetShieldX is our Cellular Configuration Management, Network Audit and Troubleshooting suite containing the necessary tools that every Operator requires, in order to reduce its CAPEX/OPEX

We are proud to announce the all new:

         NetShieldX 2018 r.1

We are confident that our line of products are the fastest and most reliable in the market as well as affordable. Contact us for a  demo online or a trial in your premises.

Our Line of products includes:

  • NetBuilderX
    • Build and Reconfigure your Network, do vendor swaps! (data fill) A complete BSS Management Solution
  • NetGuardX
    • Keep your network tune and your parameters in check, detect unauthorized changes!
  • NetOptimiX
    • Troubleshoot your network, manage your changes and keep your licenses and capacity in check,

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Consulting Services for Wireless Operators and Vendors

Are you a Wireless Operator or Vendor Key Manager responsible to Reduce Operational Cost and Increase Revenue?

In Global Analysis our primary goal is to support you on balancing the equation of reducing your OPEX and Increasing your revenues with the maximum possible performance.

Additionally we offer to our clients our consultants loaded at no additional cost with a set of our commercial tools, giving our consultant the edge and state of art support in comparison with agencies, which do not provide you with any aggregated service.

Our Solutions:


Reduce Costs & Increase Revenues

Portfolio of Solutions we offer:

  • Transport Solution

  • RF Solution

  • OM Solution

  • Global Solution (RF, TN & OM)

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