Global Analysis ltd

Founded in the year 2000 focused on assisting wireless network operators and vendors. Initially focused only on the consulting services based in Europe and Middle East.

On the year 2005 created a software division with the support of a leader Cellular Operator. The success of this win-win relation lead to the current portfolio of tools we hold proprietary, and currently offer to Cellular Operators worldwide. 

We continue our road map at a firm pace expanding our operations into the African and Asian markets.

Our Mission:

To assist wireless network operators and vendors with the most technologically advanced consulting and man powering service solutions available, ensuring value for invested money and client satisfaction.


  • Global headcount of 35 staff including contractors
  • Consulting, Training and Tools divisions
  • Multiple vendor expertise, Ericsson, NSN, Huawei, ALU
  • Vendor service provider: Ericsson, NSN, Alcatel Lucent, Motorola
  • Advanced understanding of all major system technologies
  • Proven 2G, 2.5G, 3G(UMTS/HSPA), LTE man powering in system roll outs, planning and optimization
  • Leading Optimization Techniques
  • Proprietary Software Cellular Configuration Management Tool for Cellular Roll Outs, NetShieldX
  • Proprietary Software for BSS Management
  • Proprietary Software for RF Optimization
  • Proprietary Software for RAN Auditing at RF and Transport Level
  • Proprietary Software for RAN Troubleshooting and Performance Follow up


Our Services:

Focused on increasing your revenues and reducing your CAPEX & OPEX we have built a portfolio of services on the RF and Transmission arena. Visit our page of services for more information.


Our Products:

In the same line with our services we have built a state of art cellular configuration management, Network Auditing, BSS Management and Troubleshooting tool. Visit our product page and do not hesitate to contact us after downloading our brochures, one of our representatives will contact you immediately to attend your requirements and arrange an online demo or on site trial.


Corporate Responsibility:

We are highly committed on providing the best and responsible service, reducing always the business risk to minimum and being a strong allied to our customers.

We care as well about the environment and therefore we have an internal code in place and support environmental organizations. In addition to that we advise our customers to use teleconferencing as much as possible to avoid using air travelling.

Last but not least, optimization services and leading optimization techniques are oriented to help operators to reduce the number of sites to be deployed in their network and therefore the environmental impact of their operations


Health and Safety Policy:

In Global Analysis we are committed on improving the safety environment of the organization and its surroundings. Health and safety are in the top of the list of the priorities of our company.


Ethical Policy:

Each one of our employees is provided with Global Analysis Ethical Policy. We comply with local and international law.


Strategic Partners:

We are in the search for strategic partners in the following areas/countries:

Southern Africa




United States of America



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